Unity believes in the Power of Affirmative Prayer
 "The primary step toward escape from adversity or any kind of suffering lies in attaining a consciousness of our oneness with God, in practicing the presence of God at all times and in all situations."
If you have an immediate need or request,
we recommend first repeating the truth statement
silently in your mind. Here are some examples of
truth statements:

There is but one presence and one power
in the universe in in my life,
God the good omnipotent.
God is good and I am a part of God.
The Lord is my shepherd
God is my help and my deliverance 
I am safe and secure and surrounded by love.
Once you have done this, you may feel a calm peace.
That is the healing spirit of God, working within you

Healing starts with coming to peace with whatever is..

To hear a lesson on using truth statements in prayer, click here

Silent Unity

We also recommend connecting with Silent Unity
and making your request on-line or by phone

Silent Unity phone service is available 24 hours a day, every day
This is not a recording, it is a live person who will pray with you

Many of our members say the praying with Silent Unity can be a life changing moment
1-800-NOW-PRAY   /  1-800-669-7729     /     Silent Unity Website

Local Prayer Support

If you would like a make a prayer request through our local Unity,
Unity of Kanawha Valley, please use the form below:

We will be in prayer with you for the next 30 days