Classes and Groups

Groups, Education, and Ministries

"To educate
(from educare, to lead forth) never means to force into from the outside, but always means to draw out from within something already there. God as infinite wisdom lies within every human being, only waiting to be led forth into manifestation. This is true education." - Emilie Cady, Lessons in Truth



Adult Book Study - most Sundays at 10am
Join us for an interesting discussion based on a monthly book selection

Kids Sunday School -  Sundays at 11am
Each Sunday at 11AM, UKV holds a special time and service for the children of our community. For the teacher's schedule, click here

Adult Forum Pick-up Discussion Group -  most Sunday at 12:30, after church
Just about every Sunday after church there is a class or discussion group. Occasionally there will be a presentation on an issue of  faith, health, scripture, prayer, relationships, prosperity and spirituality.  Please join us, feel free to bring a snack or dish to share if you would like to share in the abundance!

Non-Violent Communication Mondays at 5:30
In this group we practice speaking with an open heart.  The work is based on the book Non Violent Communication. In each session we discuss one of the NVC practices (Observing, Empathizing, Sharing Needs, Requesting). Challenges and opportunities for developing a deeper practice in day to day living are discussed. Call us to confirm, or check the calendar below.


Movie Night - 1st Fridays
Excellent feature films, mostly of a spiritual nature, shown on the first Friday of every month: Potluck Dinner at 6:00, the movie starts at 6:30.

Open Stage for Adults with Ron Sowell - 2nd Fridays 
Everyone is welcome to join in the supportive atmosphere of Open Mic. Beginners as well as some of the area's best musicians show up. There is always love and support at Open Mic for those working on their creative expression.

Karaoke - 3rd Fridays 
If you've always wondered if you sound as good singing into an actual mic as opposed to singing in the shower, this is your chance to find out!  Join us for a fun evening guaranteed to bring out the extrovert in you.  Please bring a snack to share; the fun begins at 7 p.m.


Inner Listening - 1st Saturday of each Month at 10:30am
A gentle movement class of guided meditations, upper body stretches, self massage and Qigong Flow which is a moving meditation. Qigong Flow is known as the art of effortless flow as you go with your own flow instead of against it. At the end of the class there is silent meditation. Mindful breathing is encouraged throughout the class.

Unity Men's Dinners - Monthly
Unity Men and Friends gather for dinner together, our leader, Steven Keith takes us to a different area restaurant each month. It is an amazing experience of food and fellowship. Join us at our next one. Call us to confirm the next meeting, or check the calendar below.

Unity Women's Dinners - Monthly
Not to be outdone by the men, Unity Women and Friends gather for dinner together in what is the highlight of the Unity calendar. Join us at our next one. Call us to confirm the next meeting, or check the calendar below.

Unity Healing Prayer Service 
In this service we find a way to come to peace with what is, to vision what might be, and to remember that we are a loved child of God. The service This is a quiet services of readings, reflections, and prayer, based on the Unity model of affirmative prayer. All forms of healing are lifted up: for physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual healing. Call us to confirm the next meeting, or check the calendar below.

Course in Miracles 

"There is no time, no place, no state  where God is absent."  The miracle is a making a change towards this perception. The Course in Miracles.  Call us to confirm the next meeting, or check the calendar below.


Sojourner's Shelter Ministry
UKV hosts three rooms at Sojourner's Women's Shelter. We design each room to be a sanctuary for the guest women and their families. Each month we collect special items to help meet the need of the women and families in the shelter

Unity Read-Aloud
UKV members and friends volunteer as Read Aloud WV story readers in Kanawha County elementary school classrooms. Our group meets once a month to share stories and resources, as we bring positive and uplifting stories for of hope and wonder to the children of our valley.